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UKRAINE RIBBON PINS AVAILABLE There is a display in the Lobby.  Please take a pin and make a donation to help the Red Cross in Ukraine (cash please). This is sponsored by Nataliya Gryb who works in the New Milford Post Office.  Our member Susan Cheloudakis made ribbons and is a fellow worker.

PRAYERS AND SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE The Ukrainian Lutheran Church and surrounding Eastern European partners are providing resources and accepting refugees fleeing war. They are expecting up to 4 million refugees from Ukraine being received by 5 surrounding countries. Please continue to pray for all those impacted. If you would like to donate by mail, make your check out to “The LCMS,” and write “Ukraine Relief” in the memo line. Mail to: The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, P.O. Box 66861, St. Louis, MO 63166-6861. (or donate online)

Trinity Tidings August / September 2022

Greetings in the Name of Jesus,

Summer time has become a time when more “peaceful” demonstrations take place. Of course, these events have gotten out of hand and there is a growing disrespect for the law of the land. People forget that with freedom comes responsibility. Following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the colonies of the new world have enjoyed more than two centuries of free nationhood. Freedom can be lost when the citizens become careless, unthinking, and selfish. We give away what our forefathers won when we think only of freedom from something or protesting a law because we don’t like it. Freedom is endangered when people demonstrate, protest, or riot until they get their way.

Dr. John Knowles, former president of the Rockefeller Foundation, has well said, “The cost of sloth, gluttony, alcoholic overuse, reckless driving, sexual intemperance…is now regarded by many as a national, not an individual responsibility. These abuses are justified on the ground of individual freedom, but what happens then is that one man’s freedom in health abuse is another’s shackle in taxes and insurance premiums.”

Freedom is a sacred trust. It has its roots in man’s freedom before God, his Creator and Redeemer. Unfortunately, for many, God is not acknowledged anymore in our nation. When God is taken out of the equation there is no “right or wrong.” Criminals break laws and do whatever they want knowing they will not be punished, but will go free to continue abusing the laws. You won’t see Christians outwardly breaking laws because they have the 10 Commandments written on their hearts. They have respect for their God and His teachings. They know that they have a freedom worth more than the right to vote. Christ has freed us from sin, setting us free to serve him (And our country). Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

The good news is that attitudes can change and even whole societies can change for the better. There is always a new generation turning back to having faith and trust in God. And there will always be a forgiving God in Jesus Christ who is forever giving out “second chances.” He only asks for repentance and faith in Him.

God give our leaders and our churches courage to preach the Word of God so that we all can have a chance at keeping and cherishing our freedom.

Enjoy your summer and stay safe traveling in our beautiful free nation!

Pastor Christian Bunzel


Ayden Gold: August 2, Cathy McGrath: August 13, Gerri Hipp: August 18, Richard Bunzel: August 20, Marion Elicati: September 10, and Michelle Bunzel Belden: September 23.


Karla & Lynn Buffington: August 15 (Moved to the Land of the Pilgrims)


Being welcomed into the Kingdom of God through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism (July 10, 2022) is Erin Aelyn Balogh, daughter of Ryan and Jessica Balogh. Godparents are Samantha Chase Balogh and Eric John Durkin. They are transferring membership from Immanuel Lutheran Church & School, Danbury, CT.

CANDLEWOOD VALLEY REHABILITATION CENTER – Those members who are residents are Clarence Joyce, Mary Joyce, and Hermine Filippi. If you would like to send a greeting card: 30 Park Lane East, New Milford, CT 06776.

PASTOR’S 27th ANNIVERSARY OF INSTALLATION AT TRINITY – is September 10, 2022. Dottie Simonides was the Parish Secretary “back in the day.” She is a member of the Lutheran Church of Madison, CT. Pastor stopped by to see her church while spending a day at Hammonasset Beach. All three Bishops of the New England District have passed away since then. Pastor Timothy Yeadon Installed Pastor Bunzel. Bishop Lehenbauer passed into life just last month at the age of 97. Six members of Pastor’s family who attended are also with the Saints in heaven. We remember them and many members of Trinity Lutheran Church who are with the Lord enjoying Life Everlasting. But our parish continues to flourish and grow in our vibrant New England District. God bless our new Bishop the Reverend Robert Beinke of Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church of Norwalk, Connecticut.


  • To Sherry Olmsted for making the Baptismal banner for the Christening on July 10th. A beautiful work of art!
  • To Danny Krizan and his Grandson Curtis for trimming and cutting back the shrubbery around the entire church building. Also cutting back the bushes by the main entrance under the Lobby glass windows.
  • To Randy Weimar for mowing the church laws “6 thousand times” so far! Lack of rain is giving Randy a little break. Also for fixing the lawn mower.
  • To Chris Wharton for gardening and repairing the birdbath. The Trinity birdies appreciate the water park during this hot summer.
  • To all who donated to Ukraine. We have currently donated over $600 toward this Red Cross organization.  The display is on the table by the Peace in Ukraine bulletin board in the Lobby. Donations are brought to the Post Office every Monday.
  • To members who continue to support our congregation while unable to attend church services. We appreciate this gesture of faithfulness as the bills do not take a summer off or stop due to post-pandemic times. If you would like to receive Holy Communion, please contact Pastor.
  • To Roger Arguello and Richard Brunhuber for conducting the church services (Order of Matins) while Pastor Christian is on vacation in September. We appreciate their faithfulness and for allowing worship services to continue without interruption. This is a “plus” for a congregation, which has capable Lay Leaders who step up to the plate and take on these very important responsibilities.

IF YOU ARE IN NEED – of Pastoral assistance while Pastor Bunzel is on vacation in September, call Pastor Stefan Gramenz of Christ the King Lutheran Church of Pawling, New York 845-855-3169. This is for hospital visits only.

LECTORS DURING THE CHURCH SERVICE – If you would like to read the lessons during a Sunday service or volunteer to BE ON THE ALTAR GUILD setting up Holy Communion once a month, please see Pastor or Cathy, our secretary. (Church phone: 860-354-3450) Both can be very rewarding experiences spiritually and in being a help to Pastor

THE LITURGY AND ORDER OF SERVICE – beginning in October, we will resume with the Liturgy on page 151 in the hymnal, the Divine Service, Setting 1 with Holy Communion. This will be familiar to most but new to members who have been worshipping since the “covid era” when hymnals were not in the pew racks and we were not singing. “This is the Feast, the Victory of our God” is one such beloved liturgical piece. It should be easy to get “back in the swing of things.” It’s nice to get back to normal and we pray it will continue with all blessed with good health and happiness!

THE NED CHURCH PLANTING & REVITALIZATION COMMITTEE – challenges the members of the New England District – LCMS to give $1 per member per week for the full year of 2022. If every one of the 5452 members that regularly attended church in 2018 gave just $1 per week for the 52 weeks of 2022, we would raise $283,504 to fund church planting in New England. That is just $52 per member to support more than two full-time church planters for a year! The New England District, LCMS, 400 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01109. The New England District wrote this article.

YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED – to The Service of Installation of The Rev. Robert Beinke as Bishop of the New England District Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The Rev. Nabil S. Nour Fourth Vice President of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Preaching and Presiding Saturday, September 24, 2022 3:00 p.m. Reception to follow Our Savior Lutheran Church 239 Graham Road South Windsor, CT 06074.