Trinity Tidings June/July 2021

Greetings in the Name of Jesus our healer. Luke 4:40 says “The people brought to Jesus all who had various kinds of sickness, and laying His hands on each one, He healed them.”

During the past 13 months, our thoughts have been focused on our health possibly more than any time before. Even young healthy people stopped everything and thought about being very careful to protect themselves from the virus. The school nurse had just completed her health talk. “Tell me, David,” she said to a seven-year-old, “what is the first thing we do when we catch a cold?” David rose to his feet and replied in a confident tone, “We pray to Jesus.” That wasn’t the answer the nurse expected, but before she knew it, she heard herself say, “Yes, David, we pray to Jesus.” In a time when science has made incredible advances, we are tempted to put our faith in human ingenuity and forget the love and power of God. We are tempted to forget that Jesus Christ is truly the Healer of souls and bodies. Before we become too complacent we need to be aware that the virus can “spike” at any time, especially when the cooler weather sets in again. I give credit where credit is due. In the case of our healing country, I give credit to almighty God for his healing power and for giving the medical profession the knowledge to find the vaccine. This is a miracle of which we are thankful.

Many in nursing homes have died due to the coronavirus. Many elderly people have survived this miserable year and are healthy. Isaiah 46:4 says “Even to your old age and gray hairs I am He, I am He who will sustain you.” People wonder why some have passed away and others have pulled through. The summer passes quickly. Somewhere in the outdoor world will be “the last rose of summer, left blooming alone.” What if you are or you think you are that human rose? Here you are by yourself. The temptation is great to withdraw from the arena of life and retreat deeper into yourself. But is that healthy?

One great truth is that you are not alone. There are people around you, where you live, work, and shop. There are friends in your church worshiping and working with you. God is with you and the Lord Jesus keeps His promise: “Surely I am with you always.”

Although people are aging at the same rate, those with added years tend to think of their mortality more than younger folk. This is normal. On Pentecost Sunday, I worshiped at my home parish Redeemer in the Bronx. There was a Baptism, which led me to think of the time that I was baptized in that same sanctuary years ago. My Godparents stood in the same spot. The Baptismal Font is the same one that a Pastor used for my baptism in 1951. The Lord has brought you and me through many difficult and happy times but we are still here today. “I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you.” Even though you might feel that you are “the last rose of summer,” you are still blooming. This isn’t a time to give up.

To be a rose in God’s flower garden means you are a blooming rose, that is, a person still bringing forth the fruits of faith to God’s glory. Your words of encouragement, your smile, your greeting by cards or phone are activities that make you bloom. No one ever becomes useless. This is God’s promise: “The righteous will flourish….They will still bear fruit in old age they will stay fresh and green.”

Whether young or old we ask God to stand by us and restore our ailing bodies and minds to health. And having been restored to health through the wonders of modern medicine, we give God the glory. God’s blessings of health and relaxation go with you during the warm pleasant summer months ahead!

Pastor Christian Bunzel

CHURCH SERVICES HAVE RESUMED – As of Sunday, May 30th we once again worship together as a congregation at Trinity at the 10:30 a.m. Eucharist. We will continue to follow the regulations of the State of Connecticut by social distancing, masks, and using common sense. Leave at least one pew in front or in back of you between you and another worshiper. Sit on ether end of the pew. Families may sit together. If you did not receive the vaccine, wear a mask. (We use the honor system.)

SUMMER SERVICE SCHEDULE – Sunday, July 4th (Independence Day) begins the 9:30 a.m. Eucharist. Note the change in worship time. The fall schedule will be announced later.

THE BEGINNING OF A SERVICE – is a time for prayer. When you enter the sanctuary before the service begins, please be seated for silent prayer. Getting to church early is not a time for socializing. This is disturbing to other worshippers who are sitting quietly. You may greet one another after the service is concluded outside of the building. This is also a health guideline. There is a table in the Narthex with hand sanitizer, wipes, and masks for your use. You may place your weekly offering in the plate on the pedestal in the Narthex either upon entering or leaving. These requests are practiced out of common courtesy and respect for others. We appreciate your cooperation.

SERMONS – Will continue to be sent to members for a while. Eventually we will go back to “normal” (not the new normal). That means the sermon will be from the pulpit in church.


The Reverend Dr. Henry L. Koepchen (September 27, 1931 – April 12, 2021). He was the husband of Pastor Bunzel’s cousin Louise. The Funeral service was April 16th at Messiah Lutheran Church, Setauket, New York followed by the Interment at Graceland Memorial Park in Kenilworth, New Jersey. Pastor Koepchen was the founding pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church, Setauket, Long Island, New York in 1957. He retired from the ministry there in 1996. During that time, he also served as the Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (1977-1992) and as the acting President of the Atlantic District in 1976. The newly Ordained and Installed Pastor Nils Niemeier officiated at the service and The Reverend Derek Lecakes delivered the sermon. Pastor Koepchen Ordained Pastor Bunzel at Redeemer Lutheran Church, The Bronx, New York in 1977 and preached at his Installation at Saint Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Staten Island, New York in 1979. Pastor Koepchen also was the preacher at the 55th Anniversary of Trinity, New Milford in 2013.

Ann Bloch (July 25, 1920 – April 19, 2021), Mother of Michael Bloch. Ann resided in DeLand, Florida and the funeral took place at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church. Our deepest sympathy to Michael and his sister Nancy.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.” Our deepest sympathy to these two families.

BIRTHDAYS – Sunny Harris: June 3rd, Randy Weimar: July 6th, Martha Ley: July 12th,

Joanne Bunzel: July 20th, Todd Belden: July 21st. The very best of health to all!

WEDDING ANNIVERSARY – Laura and Randy Weimar: June 25th. God bless them with health, happiness, and serenity in their marriage!


  • To Randy Weimar and his son Ben for the work done around the church and inside the building. The lawns have been cut 10 times already, once a week. Thanks to Ben for picking up (a lot of) sticks, twigs, and branches on the property after a windy winter. For changing the system in church from heat to air-conditioning and checking thermostats and the alarm system for batteries.
  • To Chris Wharton for her work in the Main Entrance, Corner, and Island gardens. There was much clean up after winter. The mesh fence kept the deer from munching on bushes. However, the summer garden will make a nice salad bar for God’s little creatures! The spring flowers looked beautiful. Of course, the gardening work continues from now on during the summer and fall. Thanks also to her Grandson Jacob for helping out!

BIRTHDAY OFFERING – There is a tradition when each year we may make a donation to the church on our birthday. A person would give one dollar for every year from the birth date. For example, this year Pastor would give 39 dollars. (A smile face should appear here!) This is a suggestion, which can become very meaningful to us as we observe our special day each year. Out of thankfulness to God, we give a gift for the many blessing he has bestowed upon us throughout the years of our life. Whether one has many years or few years, the thought is personal. I enjoy this tradition myself as it has meaning for me on my special day when my mother gave me life. Pastor

He is your friend,

your partner, your

defender, your dog.

You are his life, his

love, his leader. He

will be yours, faithful

and true, to the last

beat of his heart.”